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  3. XYY Sic & Tech Co., Ltd.

    About Us


    XYY Sic & Tech Co., Ltd. was established in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China since 1999.
    At 2002, we entered Shanghai and built a research and development base, and the Acupoint Physiotherapy Paste manufacturing base of X L Med. Sic & Tech Co., Ltd. was established in Zhenjiang since 2009.
    We have excellent R& D teams in Shanghai and Zhenjiang who are majoring in physiotherapy products and focusing on the physical field effect and effect of main and collateral channels, with continuous to improve our products and serve our customers in the world. 
    We committed to expand the scale of production and the global market, working hard to create Independent intellectual property rights of brand products which belong to the pride of the Chinese。Looking forward to work with peers hand in hand which having advanced idea of ODM & OEM or being Venture Capital Providers。Having good faith in cooperation and willing to establish a multi-win business model!